Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why wait?

So, I was pregnant.  After so many years of believing that it would be impossible, or at least require medical interventions, I was pregnant by surprise.  I don't know how anyone in the world could have possibly been any happier than Larry and I were.  I wanted to wait a while to tell people, mainly because we weren't married, and I knew that my mom would be less than thrilled at first.  But, he had told everyone he knows before the pee even dried on the test stick.  So, we rode over to my mom's house to tell her.  I was right, she was not a happy Grammy.  She got silent, then started in about what people would think.  I said, "Mom.  I don't care what people think.  I spent so many years thinking that this would never happen, and regardless of the circumstance, I'm thrilled.  I am thirty years old, not 16."

She sat over by her computer with her back to us.  A little bit later, I swear God had a hand in this, her doorbell rang.  It was my brother, sister in law, and baby nephew.  Mom is insanely crazy over her first grandbaby.... all over her grandbabies, but at the time, Gavin was the only one she had.  She was holding my nephew, and I said, "Just think, in 9 months or so, there'll be another one of those, only you don't love my baby."
My brother and Nephew

She had a sudden personality change, and that was the last time she ever acted even remotely upset over my pregnancy.  She was a little put-off that my brother was so thrilled about my news, and my aunts, and everyone in my extended family were all thrilled immediately.  She just didnt' see how they could be so thrilled right off the bat, knowing I was unwed.  But, no one else ever mentioned my marital status.  It was fine. 

My baby was to be the fifth great grandchild on my mom's side.  All were boys.  Even knowing that, I still hoped for a son.  In the middle of January of 2008, we found out that, indeed, we were having a son.  I don't think I stopped smiling for the rest of the pregnancy.  Before the scan, I had said that either way, the baby's name would be Cameron.   Boy or girl.  Then I saw my BOY on the screen, and all of a sudden, his name was Aidan.  Aidan Henry.  I had him named before we left the ultrasound place. 

I loved every second of being pregnant with him.  I cherished every kick.  I was obnoxious, talking so much about my pregnancy, every milestone.  You would have thought I was the first person to have ever gotten pregnant.  By February, we had his room ready for him, and an entire walk-in closet full of clothes.   I stopped working at the beginning of April, and that was when I really, really got to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.  I would sit on the couch and just watch in awe as my belly jumped and wiggled.  Larry and I spent a lot of hours just staring at that. 
Somewhere around February, a bit past halfway.

 The pregnancy was so long.  I had found out before even 4 weeks, so I had a long time to wait.  Factor into that, how long I had wanted a child of my own, and I really thought he'd never get here. 

I used Holidays and celebrations to help me get through.  First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, onto Christmas, etc.  He was due June 4th.  I was really hoping that Memorial Day would be his first official holiday on the outside.  Memorial Day came and went and no baby. By that point, I was having visions of him still being in me at his high school graduation!! 

He was born June 1.  I became a mommy on June 1,2008, and it was a good day.  The best. 

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  1. I am reading your story and I'm just so thrilled. I wanna be a mom so badly like you, but I'm only 18. I'm engaged, he's 20 and we both want 4 kids but we don't have the financial means yet, once my fiance's done with med school though we're going to get pregnant asap no matter our marital status. Reading about your life just makes me yearn that even more! I just cant wait to be a mom!

    Thank you for sharing your life with us :)