Friday, August 12, 2011

Just missing someone

I had a birthday "party" for my Mom last night.  Our parties are wild, let me tell you!  By wild, I mean with children running around!  Mom has six grandchildren,  my nephew Gavin is 4, my Aidan is 3, Landon would be 2, Allyson will be 1 next week, then my twins, Bekah and Gracie are 4 months.  She's not doing too badly for someone who thought she'd never be a grandma! 

I cooked a meal that looked like it belonged at a Baptist dinner on the ground.  I made fresh green beans, (I broke them myself and cooked them all day long in some pork fat, mmmmm!), chicken and dumplins, meatloaf, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and a 7-layer salad.  Plus a cake.  Then, mom's friends brought cornbread and cookies and a couple other desserts, and my Momaw made a strawberry jello poke cake.  Good food!  All from scratch, every bit of it.

I know some women say they make dumplins from scratch, but I can tell that just means they scratch their hiney and knock the can of biscuits against the counter.  I start with flour and work my way through it.  I'd be embarrassed to do otherwise.  I admit, I'm a fatty, and I cook like a granny.   My husband told everyone that he only married me for my cooking. 

We had a great night of food and family and friends.  And kids!  My mom is never happier than when she's surrounded by all of her grandbabies.  All of her grandbabies.  I hate that term.  It isn't all of her grandbabies, and it never will be.  No matter what, there'll always be one missing.  But, I really seem to be the only one who hangs on to that.  I think everyone that was here, at some point last night, said that phrase.  Except me.


  1. Such a cute picture of your mom with her grandbabies!

  2. You know, I believe all of her grandbabies really are there, it's just that there is one who lingers in the sunlight, unseen with our eyes and laughs,unheard by our ears, but whose love is always felt deep within.