Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From the Perspective of a Mom who did NOT kill my child...

I didn't start this blog as a means to spout my political views nor my opinions on current events.  However, today I feel led to write about the Casey Anthony verdict.  I am angry.  Very angry.  I absolutely do not believe that she didn't kill that baby.

Here's my opinion, and it is just that, my opinion.  Nobody has to agree with me, but as a grieving mom, there are a few things I want to say.

First off.  The month she waited to report Caylee missing? Wow.  A month.  If Aidan is too quiet for more than a few minutes, I'm frantically searching my house for him.  I need to know where he is at every given minute. Even when I leave him with my mom or grandmother, I am calling every half hour or hour to make sure he's ok.  The girls aren't big enough yet to wonder off on their own, so that's actually one worry about them that hasn't hit me yet.

Now, there's testimony about the stench of death in her car, testimony about the duct tape, trash bag, all that stuff.  I could go on and on.  But that's not my mission here. My mission is about my gut reaction.  Mainly to the condition of the body and the way she was disposed of.

My child died. I had to bury him. That was the last thing I would ever get to do for him.  I had the need in my heart to do it perfectly.  I put so much thought, time and love into every detail of his burial.  He was buried in the outfit that he was supposed to wear home from the hospital.  I had picked it out months earlier, with so much love.  When we knew he was going to die, I wouldn't consider any other outfit.  He's buried with a tan thermal blanket I had bought to swaddle him in, it was one of the few things that I had bought just for him, not a hand-me-down from Aidan. 

We picked out a pretty little white casket.  He's buried on top of my grandfather, whom I loved so, so much.  I wanted him there, rather than all alone on the other side of the cemetery.  I put a great deal of thought and tears into chosing funeral flowers for him.

Caylee was found with duct tape and a sticker over her mouth.  In target clothes, in a trash bag.  How much thought went into that?  That tells me she was ditched in a hurry.  She was cast aside like last weekend's garbage.  No mother would do that to her child's body, if the child had truly died in an accident.  I'm sorry, but they just wouldn't.  That baby was part of her.  She nurtured her in her own body all those months.  There's no way she would have gotten rid of her like that unless she needed to hide what she had done.
There, that's my piece. 

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